Solar systems. High quality.

The founders of AM Technic are – Tamás Bagi, architect and Krisztián Roczkov, mechanical engineer. The purpose of their project was to satisfy the needs of their customers and the highest quality requirements in the business.

Using their experience and knowledge, they provide solar powered systems, steel structures and even build industrial halls for further work. The company is capable of producing, delivering and constructing street lights, solar power plants.

They do complex smithing and furbishing of industrial halls work as well doing work, which is usually impossible for others.

We have a whole army of tools at our disposal including a smithing workshop, a group of development engineers, mechanics, carpenters and others.

With our extended kowledge and contacts, experience, experts and tools we are able to complete works of bigger volume as well.

We provide results with great speed, efficiency and reliability.

A typical construction’s steps are planning/design, licensing with authorities, constructing and the handover of the completed work.

Solar Systems. High quality.

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