Autonomous solar plants

Experienced in planning, design and applying for competitions, our specialists await your call and attention.

Build your own power plant!

Our calculations indicate that the investment will pay off in 5 years and will last and make profit for another 15 years.

Let’s think together about the future!

Things are not working your way? Having trouble with paying the bills and the installments of the house? You may want to rethink your next move. There is need for a solution that is available for everyone.

What could this be?

Most people don’t own property with hidden gas and oil reserves. Fortunately, these are not the only ways to make profit. There is the wind and there is the Sun. Many think that harvesting the energy of the sun is the most optimal, since the maintenance is easier since there are no moving parts (unlike in the case of wind power plants).

With our current technology, it is possible for everyone to produce electricity using the sun’s power through the provided solar cells. With this way of thinking, our lives can be a whole lot easier in the future and our bills can be paid more easily.

Solar cells can be implemented into many facilities

  • heating (IR panels, ion boiler and IR underfloor heating)
  • hot water (heat pumping boiler)
  • transport (electronic cars)

Electricity is the energy source which is the easiest to handle. You don’t need big canals, pipes and storage tanks.

In the case of autonomus solar plants it is possible to reach complete energy independence. However, we need to provide a way to store the produced electricity. The main method is the usage of batteries.

With the solar power plants connected to the electric network, we directly reinject the created electricity into the network. This is measured by a similar meter used for the incoming electricity.

The 2 is deducted from each other and we only need to pay for the difference in the 2 sums. This way, we don’t have to use batteries to store the electricity we produced. Of course, if our produced electricity is higher than our usage, the central electricity corporation pays us the difference. This solution does not mean a complete independence, but it provides financial independence.

The main tendency is the following: What seems unreachable today, will be considered a stock-in-trade tomorrow.

In 5-10 years time, electric cars will be much more used and popular than today because science progresses in this way.

Just think about it, we won’t have to go to the gas station. Our cars will be powered with electricity and they can be easily charged from home using our personal charging units.

Solar Systems. High quality.

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