Solar power plants powered by network connected electricity

The future of consumable energy is in the renewable resources of energy.

Building a power plant:

The main motive of our corporation is to create power plants completely suited for the client’s needs and the local geographical environment.

With the experience and profession of our engineers and the use of professional software, we can provide engineering surveys, implementation plans, studies for various competitions and scholars, realistic visualization. Furthermore, we can create a professional movie, showing your plans for future demonstration to others.

The main pros:

  • financial independence is provided
  • No moving parts mean no fraying, ensuring a long lifespan
  • no significant noise pollution
  • no emission of pollutants
  • minimal need for maintenance
  • protection against overheating
  • Environmental protection is the main priority
  • Opportunity for further expansions
  • Charging of electronic bikes and cars are made possible and is fairly easy
  • Ability to access information and software maintenance using smartphones
  • Continuous production of electricity
  • The produced electricity does not need to be stored in batteries

Needed permissions and regulations:

Every facility and solar power plant with an output higher than 50 kVA has to follow certain regulations.

The authorization of these facilities must be divided into 3 main stages which results in 3 main topics that are needed to be ensured, so that the authorization is successful.

  • Permission from the building authorities
  • Network connection regarding electricity
  • Permission of the MÉH (The Hungarian Energy Department)

Solar Systems. High quality.

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